In a stage of sleep deprivation and desperation, I contacted Sleepy Peanut Sleep Consulting. Nancy was really responsive and assured me that there would be gentle methods of sleep training (which was my biggest concern), and that she would offer support. She is very kind, understanding and really listened to my concerns with sleep training and helped to provide me with a method that I was comfortable using with my baby.
After a few nights, I went from being awake with my baby every hour or two, to both of us sleeping most of the night. We still have occasional wake ups, but nothing like before. Nancy offered support and encouragement and was sure to stay in touch during the process. I am so appreciative of the guidance and plan that I received from her, and we all sleep better now because of it. I would highly recommend Sleepy Peanut to anyone struggling with infant sleep issues!

– Shannon Riley, Connecticut


We had a 2.5 year old and a 10 month old who were waking up two three times a night in what seemed like consecutive shifts, it was miserable. We had the apps, read books, talked to our Pedi and nothing was working. My wife consulted with Nancy over a few weeks while we implemented her plan and it worked like clock work. Not only was the plan perfect, but having someone to keep us on track and accountable while supporting alllll of our questions was amazing. She’s great.
If you have little ones who aren’t sleeping – seriously, call her.

-Drew Laine, Massachusetts


Finding this service has been an absolute sanity saver! After 6 long weeks of sleepless nights, my daughter has settled in to longer stretches of sleep using the techniques that were suggested. I absolutely recommend that you allow Sleepy Peanut to help you through any sleep issues you face with your LO.

– Kara Medley, Pennsylvania

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