Spring Forward and still SLEEP!

The temps are starting to rise (in most places), the birds are back to chirping and the sun seems to be shining a bit later each day!  That means only 1 thing!  Day Light Savings time is back again. As many ‘seasoned’ parents know, this simple 60-minute time change can wreak havoc on your little … Continue reading Spring Forward and still SLEEP!

A few of my favorites

As a new-ish mom of 2, I feel like I have had some time to figure out what I like, and what I don't.  It's funny to me how the first time around I did so much research, compared ingredients in shampoo, the softness of blankets and the ratings on every website I could... and … Continue reading A few of my favorites

Bedtime Routines

Imagine leaving work, the gym or Costco; walking in your front door and just going right to sleep.  Though that sounds like a DREAM many days for us parents, the reality is, we need to wind down and get ready for bed to have the best sleep possible. Your routine may include putting on warm … Continue reading Bedtime Routines

Daylight Savings Time – FALL back

Remember the days when Daylights Saving Time “Fall Back” meant a whole extra hour of glorious uninterrupted sleep?? Ahhh, well now you have kids ... BUT! the idea of an easy transition to the clocks changing does not have to be a distant memory. With the end of Day Light Saving Time looming in the … Continue reading Daylight Savings Time – FALL back

Sleep Training = Cry It Out, right?!

The idea of crying it out or extinction, is leaving a baby on their own to fuss and cry, ultimately to fall asleep from pure exhaustion.  My goal is to set you up for success, building a solid sleep foundation, and learning sleep skills that will allow for you and your little one to make … Continue reading Sleep Training = Cry It Out, right?!