A few of my favorites

As a new-ish mom of 2, I feel like I have had some time to figure out what I like, and what I don’t.  It’s funny to me how the first time around I did so much research, compared ingredients in shampoo, the softness of blankets and the ratings on every website I could… and the second time around (sorry Ro!) I am relying on what worked the first time around and making due with what we’ve got!  But, in my 2.5 years of motherhood, I have my list of favorites that I wanted to share.  I am often asked the best kind of swaddle, what kind of sound machine to get etc. so here it is!  (I have in no way been compensated for my opinions.  All products have been used in my home, and are things we actually love!)

This is a running list…so check back as I update my favorite things!

Favorite clothing brands

Cat & Jack  – reasonably priced, wash and wear well, super cute graphic tees that encourage empowerment, inclusion and love!

‘Raised by Strong Women’
“Love makes a family’
‘A Little kindness can change everything’


Burts Bees Baby – the softest jammies and clothes!  They wash incredibly well and last!  And you can usually find them on wicked sale at TJ Maxx/Marshalls!

Favorite Diapering Products

Kirkland Brand – were Costco shoppers and LOVE Kirkland brand diapers and wipes!  We found them to work better for us than some of the big name brands.

Water Wipes – great for cleaning babe’s face after mealtime and though pricier, great for diaper changes.  These are gentler when there is any diaper rash.

Favorite Sleep Products

Bedding – Cloud Island wasn’t in Target when I was registering for my 1st daughter (or maybe I just didn’t notice!?) but the 2nd time around I love this bedding!  The crib sheets are SO SOFT and hold up to all the washing that infant sheets take.  Also, the prints are absolutely adorable ( we have these and these !)

naptime on our favorite Cloud Island cribsheet

Sound Machine – We love the Marpac sound machines as they are durable and offer different volumes of white noise (white noise should not exceed about 50-65 decibels for baby, should never be placed in or on the crib – 5-7 feet away is ideal).  We have this model in both the girl’s rooms and the ROHM is great for everyday use or for travel!

Sleep Sack – I love the Halo brand and their whole “Back is Best” campaign!  The Halo sleep sack allows you to transition from both arms in, 1 arm out and both arms out. The large Velcro on Halo allows you to snuggly secure your baby and keep them snug for their sleep.  My girls were Kung Fu masters of breaking out of blanket swaddles, so we love the Halo!  They also grow with baby and can be used into toddlerhood as well!  Did you know a sleep sack is a great way to keep little one in their crib when they try to swing that leg over and climb out!?        The Ollie swaddle also comes very highly reviewed and recommended.  It is a bit pricier, so may not be the best option for all families.  I have never personally used this swaddle with my girls, but I have had clients who used it and loved it!


peace, love, sleep



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