Spring Forward and still SLEEP!

The temps are starting to rise (in most places), the birds are back to chirping and the sun seems to be shining a bit later each day!  That means only 1 thing!  Day Light Savings time is back again.

As many ‘seasoned’ parents know, this simple 60-minute time change can wreak havoc on your little one’s sleep schedule!  But don’t fret, with a few simple steps we can keep your babe, or get your babe, snoozing for bedtime, and not even batting an eye at the clock change! 

Ok, so Day Light Savings starting means that we set our clocks forward an hour and get to enjoy a bit more sunshine each day!  Bring on the Vitamin D!!! (And maybe some blackout curtains for your babe’s bedroom!)

But, that also means that baby’s  bedtime is now off, which if your babe is anything like mine, just won’t work for them and most definitely will not work for you!  So, much like when we “fall back” in the colder months, we are going to alter bedtime by 15 minutes every few nights leading up to daylight savings time, to slowly ease your babe into their new bedtime.  Now, if you do not start exactly on the Monday before, and have not worked up to the full 60 minutes in time, that’s ok!  You can do this a few days past the true Day Light Savings and still get great results!  

Example Schedule:

Current bedtime = 7:00pm  (this means I start our bedtime routine about 6:40, but more on bedtime routines HERE)

So, starting the week before, alter bedtime 15 minutes earlier every 2 nights:

Monday & Tuesday bedtime = 6:45

Wednesday & Thursday bedtime = 6:30

Friday & Saturday bedtime = 6:15

Sunday (DLST) bedtime = 6pm which is the new 7:00 pm

Now will the magical clock Gods ensure that your baby will fall asleep at the new 7pm on the dot?  No, and that’s ok!  Just stick with your consistent bedtime routine; ensure babe is being put down sleepy, BUT awake, feedings are towards the beginning of your routine, and all will fall into place!

Want to move things along quicker?  Start 3 days before and move bedtime 20 mins earlier each night, and you’ll be good to go for Sunday!

And if it doesn’t, I am here to help!  Good luck and sweet dreams!  





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