Sleep Training = Cry It Out, right?!

The idea of crying it out or extinction, is leaving a baby on their own to fuss and cry, ultimately to fall asleep from pure exhaustion.  My goal is to set you up for success, building a solid sleep foundation, and learning sleep skills that will allow for you and your little one to make it through even the biggest bumps in the sleep world!

It is important that baby feels safe, comfortable and cared for.  I also feel that bedtime should be a positive time of the day for baby and family, not something that everyone dreads as the day comes to an end.  It is important to realize that during your time sleep training, baby may cry.  But I will never encourage you to just wait it out, and let her cry; rather I will provide techniques and tips to reduce crying as much as possible and help you help baby feel comforted and safe, while still learning to fall asleep, and stay asleep on her own.

You need to have a realistic understanding that there will be tears.  We are going to be changing routines, and showing baby new ways to fall asleep, but in time, tears will decrease and sleep will increase, for everyone! Crying is also how our babies communicate!  Not all tears are bad tears, it’s just our baby’s way of speaking up about the changes that are being made.

Let’s chat and see what feels right for your family, and how we can get baby sleeping tonight! 


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